About Me

I’m Adriana and I’m an SGSAH funded PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. I’m working at the Centre for the Study of the Perceptual experience under the supervision of Prof Fiona Macpherson.

I also hold a BA in Psychology, an MA in Cognitive Science and Language (University of Barcelona), and an MPhil in Philosophy (University of Glasgow)

Since my time in college, I have been deeply interested in investigating the phenomenology of dreams. I have always been fascinated by how similar dream experiences and wakefulness experiences are. Already for my BA dissertation, I carried out a small pilot study in which I analysed dream reports, applying content analysis to contrast pleasant and unpleasant dreams reports. For my MA thesis, I developed a thesis on lucid dreaming by investigating different definitions of lucidity and the research methods for measuring awareness during dreams. Finally, for my MPhil, I carried out a qualitative study where I executed a phenomenological analysis of conscious experiences during dreamless sleep.

For my PhD thesis, I am following on my research on dream phenomenology by extending it to different mental phenomena occurring during sleep, such as lucid dreamless sleep and hypnagogia. For more information about this, check out my research.

My research falls at the intersection between philosophy of mind, psychology, phenomenology, and neuroscience. I am an advocate of improving the dialogue between empirical research and philosophical debate.

I’m also a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow in which I’ve tutored to first- and second-year undergraduate students. Previously, I’ve also been an intern blogger for the Postgraduate Research Blog. You can read several of my posts on interdisciplinarity, mental health and diversity in academia here. I’ve also worked as a project manager of the MPE-research project, from which I’m still a member.

I love to organise events and to spread the word of the philosophical work. From 2018 to 2020 I was the vice-president of the Glasgow University Philosophy student Society, a society that organises weekly talks in philosophy that are free and open to all. I’m currently a member of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) chapter at Glasgow, which promotes the inclusion of unrepresented and minority groups in academia.  

I love writing and I have a more informal site where you can find posts about my live experiences and reflections, but also some other posts about academia and philosphy. I also like disconnecting from academia by taking pictures of the outside world on my adventure trips (aka conference trips).