Online study on dreamless sleep experiences

I’m currently preparing an online questionnaire that aims to investigate the incidence of a particular kind of sleep experience described by Indian contemplative traditions: objectless dreamless sleep. Objectless dreamless sleep is described by certain contemplative traditions as an experience of consciousness had during sleep that does not involve further objects of awareness (i.e. individuals are not aware of something; they say to be merely aware and nothing else). While objectless dreamless sleep experiences have been anecdotally reported, mainly by individuals engaged in a particular conceptual system, there is no reason to believe that these phenomena could also be experienced by the wider population. However, there is a lack of rigorous investigation on this sort of experiences, which results in the absence of an adequate conceptualisation of these phenomena. As such, this study will explore the following:

  • What does objectless dreamless sleep involve? How this experience should be described?
  • How can we situate objectless dreamless sleep within a wider classification of sleep phenomena?
  • Are they any particular conditions that facilitate having such an experience?

More information and a link to the survey will be published soon.